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Young Labour membership in Hereford & South Herefordshire since May 2017 has soared and there has never been a more important time for Young Labour to get active and to get organised, helping to rebuild our movement.

Young Labour is the home of progressive young people who will be the next generation of the Labour Party. Getting involved with Young Labour is a great way to be involved in politics and to meet like-minded people who share your values.

The aim of Young Labour is to inspire our younger members, by creating opportunities to learn about and experience the workings of the Labour party, and by putting on a range of events such as holding socials, conducting discussions, and inviting keynote speakers. It also campaigns on behalf of Labour in both local council and parliamentary elections.

Young Labour  offers the opportunity to get together, to get involved and to get active in all aspects of the Labour Party’s organisation - from influencing policy to campaigning and ultimately winning for Labour.


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If  you want to become a member of Herefordshire Young Labour you need to join the Labour Party in either Hereford and South Herefordshire or North Herefordshire constituency, this will automatically make you a member. It's really easy to do and it only costs £1 a year for registered students or £1 per week for other members under 27 years.

You can click here to join online

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