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The Labour Party is your party. There are many benefits to membership; you get to meet with like minded people, help shape Labour Party policy, help to decide who represents the Labour Party at elections or even stand as a candidate yourself. You can choose the level of activity that best suits you - many members are happy to make a contribution by just joining the party, some get more involved and campaign in their local community - it is completely up to you. Joining the party is a really rewarding experience and we would urge you to join us. By becoming a member you are making a huge contribution to help building a fairer society.

Membership rates explained

The Labour Party is a voluntary, not-for profit organisation and as such relies on

membership fees and donations in order to maintain a solid financial base from 

which to campaign. To ensure this continues, our membership rates are linked to the rate of inflation and are subject to increases on 1 January every year.

How much should I pay? *

£3 per year

14-19/Student Available to joiners under 20 or in full-time education.

£2 per month   

Young Persons Rate  aged 20-27.

£2.00 per month

Trade Union members 

Current members of Trade Unions affiliated to the Labour Party.

£4.00 per month

Standard rate 

£2.00 per month Reduced rate 

Those who are retired, currently out of work, work fewer

than 16 hours per week, or are on a low Income.

£3 per year

Serving or Former Member of the British Armed Forces Rate 

Introductory first year  offer.

Canvassing voters

I am a member of a Trade Union

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Thanks for your interest in getting involved with Hereford & South Herefordshire Labour Party.

Please give your contact details below.  In addition to general updates and news please tick which activities you would like to be kept informed about.

Send an e-mail enquiry about membership to  membership@HerefordshireLabour.com